PRODUCTS - Protein


High quality protein are needed in the human body to support growth and maintenance of body protein. Meat and soy protein ingredients can fulfill human protein needs at recomended levels. Protein are also indispensable in sausage processing. As a good example of meat protein we offer products of Prowico GmbH + Co.KG. Proteins of Prowico are high-molecular, native, collagen proteins developed from hides of cattle, pork and skin of poultrythrough hydrolysis. The raw material should pass very strict sanitary and veterinary controls and only after all the tests are passed it is sent for procession of meat protein. The methods of cultivation while hydrolysis are soft and do not cause distructions in molecular structure of collagen which determines its qualities.

Isoyan Eghbayrner delivers also proteins from Archer Daniels Midland Company. ADM soy ingredients are high quality proteins from soybeans. Like meat, milk and egg, soy proteins are high quality proteins. But in this case, the soy proteins contain no cholesteros and virtually no fat, and can be effectively used to reduce the fat and cholestors content of processed meat products while maintaining succulence and textural integrity. Soy proteins can be used to enhance and/or modify the phisical properties of processed meat products. When selected properly, soy proteins can improve water absorption and binding, enhance textural integrity, assist in emulsion formation and stabilization, and increase cooking yields. All of the above can be accomplished utilizing ADM TVP, ARCON and PRO-FAM soy protein ingredients.