Isoyan Eghbayrner LTD

Founded in 1999.      

In a short period of time the company gained the reputation of a reliable and flexible partner both for internal and external collaborators. Without any exaggeration it can be assumed that “Isoyan Eghbayrner” is the leading supplier of raw material and equipment for sausage processing plants in Armenia. It is remarkable that the activity of the company expanded also on the territory of our neighbour country - Georgia.

The country of Armenia is quite varied in culinary terms. So there is a demand for sausages and other meat products that satisfy all tastes. To solve that task, we provide our plants with spices and additives from different companies.

Being a supplying company we feel responsibility for the quality of food that population consume. We have taken full advantage of pursuing our goal of providing food processors with a broad spectrum of high quality and innovative products and equipment that will make it easier for our customers to develop, manufacture and market end-products that the market and consumers demand.

The intensive and constant increase in the volumes of our deliveries proves of the right choice of our partners. We do not make any difference between our big and small partners. Each of them is important for us and we are trying to meet all their expectations.